The Squad

Get to know the Hillbilly squad.

Hillbilly Hit Squad: banjo

Chris Roberts, vCISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant, Devil’s Advocate, etc.

Chris is currently serving as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the deception, identity, cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and services space. Over the years, he’s founded or worked with a number of folks specializing in OSINT/SIGING/HUMINT research, intelligence gathering, cryptography, and deception technologies. These days he’s working on spreading the risk, maturity, collaboration and communication word across the industry. (Likely while coding his EEG driven digital clone that’s monitoring his tea and biscuit consumption!)

Since the late 90’s Chris has been deeply involved with security R&D, consulting, and advisory services in his quest to protect and defend businesses and individuals against various types of attack. Prior to that he jumped out of planes for a living, visiting all sorts of interesting countries and cultures while doing his best to avoid getting shot at too often. (Before that, he managed to get various computers confiscated by a number of European entities.)

He’s considered one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence and vulnerability research within the Information Security industry. He’s also getting a name for himself in the transportation arena, basically anything with wings, wheels, tracks, tyres, fins, props or paddles has been the target for research for the last 10-15 years…to interesting effect.

Chris has led or been involved in information security assessments and engagements for the better part of 25 years and has a wealth of experience with regulations such as GLBA, GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA, and NERC/FERC. He has also worked with government, state and federal authorities on standards such as CMS, ISO, and NIST.

Chris has been credentialed in many of the top IT and information security disciplines and as a CyberSecurity advocate and passionate industry voice, he is regularly featured in national newspapers, television news, industry publications and several documentaries. He can typically be found waving arms on a stage somewhere on this planet…or hacking into whatever’s taken his fancy… (Cows being one of the more bizarre things, we’ll ignore things in space for now.)

As one of the well-known hackers and researchers, Chris is routinely invited to speak at industry conferences. CNN, The Washington Post, WIRED, Business Insider, USA Today, Forbes, Newsweek, BBC News, Wall Street Journal, and numerous others have covered him in the media.

And worst case, to jog the memory, Chris was the researcher who gained global attention in 2015 for demonstrating the linkage between various aviation systems, both on the ground and while in the air that allowed the exploitation of attacks against flight control system.

Hillbilly Hit Squad: banjo

Corey (Sweede) Mannon, Researcher

Corey’s role within HHS is one of research, analysis, and architectural deconstruction within the various fields of transportation, agriculture, supply chain and other relevant areas. His knowledge, expertise and experience has guided the team to push the barriers across multiple areas within digital communication, IoT, encryption, and various coding languages. Corey is also responsible for the transportation and travel logistics for most of HHS’s assets.

Hillbilly Hit Squad: banjo

Jesse Diekmann, Presiding Seer Defunct

Jesse has over 25 years of documented experience with vehicles from cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft to name a few areas.

He has a vast range of experience within the mechanical and operations fields of the transportation field and brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge gained over the years in the electromechanical connectivity of systems within the engineering field.

His experience has assisted in several research projects over the last 15 years from agriculture vulnerabilities, car/truck/bus/train architecture issues, planes and missile attack vectors and various other forms of mechanical/SCADA/PLC related issues.

Currently, Jesse is working with us on multiple transportations and ballistic related projects. (He was a ranking High-power competitor)

Jesse has worked with the team on both issue identification and resolution paths where necessary. His knowledge and understanding have given various Fortune 100 companies a clear path forward to issue resolution over the years.