Meet Dave

Your Cybersecurity Watchdog


What is Dave?

Dave is the digital bouncer, the guardian inside the door who’s watching, listening, and paying attention to their surroundings; making sure nobody’s trying to sneak in, that everyone’s accounted for and that nothing untoward goes unnoticed. Dave is the eyes and ears of the support team, making sure that everyone’s informed as to what’s going on, so others can focus on their jobs in as safe and secure a manner possible.

Dave is eloquent enough to be able to brief the leadership team yet detailed enough to keep the technical folks on their toes. However, Dave is designed to alert the local team or designated geek only when necessary as Dave handles all the general clutter, initial support, and analysis. And just as any good companion does… Dave alerts when you need to pay attention. Dave has also gotten the briefings on how to measure, how to address the to-do list and what you need to deal with next.

Dave is your digital best friend.

Why Dave?

  • Dave is designed to free up resources and allow everyone inside the business to better focus on their core competencies.
  • Dave works to track, trace, alert, and restrict the movement and activities an adversary will perform when they get into your environment.
  • Dave tracks network assets and risks, two areas that tend to be neglected.
  • Dave is designed to work 24*7 every day of the year, focusing on safety and security risks that most organizations don’t realize exist OR that might affect them.
  • Dave will keep an eye on all the users, systems, and software patching across your environment, alerting that attention is needed when necessary.
  • Dave isn’t perfect, nothing is, we don’t promise that, but Dave will give you more advanced warning, better recovery options, AND help on the remediation should you be targeted.
  • Dave won’t make friends with Alexa, Siri or any other devices in your office, but will most certainly watch and monitor what the heck they ARE doing…

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Dave comes in three model sizes scaled for your business needs.
  • Security ratings, asset discovery, monitoring, patch verification, scanning framework, code repository reconnaissance, dark web monitoring, and other tools are built into ALL the options by default.
  • One time install charge, then a monthly service fee thereafter. No messing, no contract, we’d like to keep you because we’re doing it right NOT because we held your feet to the fire for 24 months.
  • After 24 months if you still like us we’d like to change out the hardware and give you newer stuff… NO additional charge, no hassles, just swap out and carry on, just less dust on the equipment.

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NOTE: The Great Dane in the picture is Milo, one of the HHS family, he’ll also answer to DAVE if you have snacks in your hand.